Energy efficient and light filled houses are designed to match the needs of the householder taking account of site specifics such as solar orientation and views.

External variations

A number of options for the same house – demonstrating the possibility of giving markedly different appearances to the same accommodation.

West Coast house

A self-build low energy house built by the practice directors. A timber framed construction on a steep west coast site, entered by a 6M bridge with an open internal space and large areas of glazing. Recently retrofitted with a renewable based heating system comprising pv panels, an air source heat pump and a buffer tank for under floor heating.

Skye House

The design of a classic Skye long house with a delightful twist – a vaulted open interior with a 6M wide picture window looking over to the silver sands of Arisaig.

Steading conversion

The conversion of a disused milking barn into a family home. Large trusses were re-built to the original design with a large ridge light creating an impressive double height living space.

A Very Low Energy House

A house built to passive standards with a double timber kit structure, fully filled with insulation. A suite of renewables ensures very low running costs.